Help Me Fully Launch Get Wreckt(ech) Support!

Hi. My name is Leslie Moore and I’m a Geek…..

I know. Weird way to introduce myself lol. I’m trying to raise money to fund a dream I’ve had for most of my adult life: to be able to share information about two of my strongest passions, Gaming and Information Technology. Not just that, but make that information more accessible to women, who are a very under-represented group in both gaming and IT.

I’m 36 years old and currently live in Shreveport, LA and have been a geek for as long as I’ve known what that word meant! I love everything about video games and IT! Anything about consoles, PC gaming, table-top, and mobile games, I love them…….the same when it comes to IT. I have over 15 years of experience in both the Hardware and Software sides of IT, from doing Helpdesk and on-site Technical support to designing websites, and software as well as automated and manual testing.

So What’s My Point?

I decided that since 2020 is the year to make the leap to make my dream a reality! There’s a global pandemic and more people are deciding to jump into the IT field, especially women. There are more geeky women out there who would love to express themselves without the “gatekeepers” that are known to exist within the worlds of gaming and IT.

I’ve spent thousands of my own money on books, videos, and other resources to extend my own knowledge so why not share it with the world?

How Can You Help?

I’m looking to turn this dream of mine into a Non-Profit Organization that will work with others (such as Girls Who Code) in order to let other girls and women have a place to be ourselves! That takes money (obviously, lol). I’ve already bought my domain( as well as server space to host it myself! I eventually want to be able to have contributors to the site and start being able to host live-stream classes, discussions, and make this an overall safespace for women, by women!

However, I can’t do it alone……..

Please help me achieve my dream and help other geeky girls like myself!