GameStop and Microsoft reach a deal

Microsoft is continuing it’s recent trend of big deals. Not even a month after acquiring Zenya Studios (Bethesda), they are adding to their collection of companies.

Now they have struck a deal with GameStop to help standardize Microsoft’s business operations on their cloud-solutions and hardware products to deliver a rich, new customer-service experience.

What does this mean?

Here’s what going to happen under the new agreement:

  • GameStop will have a standardized back-end and in-store solutions using Dynamic 365, Microsoft’s portfolio of cloud-based business apps and customer data platform, which means it will be easier to view and user customer data between locations
  • Associates will be equipped with new Surface devices to further enhance customer service
  • GameStop will begin to rollout Microsoft 365 and Teams to its’ stores, which means better ways for associates to communicate with each other and with upper management.

Overall, this is more beneficial for GameStop, since the store has been in a recent downslope due to not only the Covid-19 Pandemic but also a recent trend towards downloadable games and a switch away from physical copies of games. This would seem to want to be more advantageous for Microsoft to start pushing more of their products for sale in GameStop stores, using the physical locations to push the other products outside of their gaming division.

Let’s see where this will lead over the next few months, especially with the Xbox Series X/S consoles being released next month.

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