Do you want to know why I created a space "for women, by women?"

I already know I’m gonna get some hate and backlash behind why I call it a “safe space for women, by women” Let me go ahead and make my feelings known.

There are multiple sites, social media groups, gaming, and IT forums, and all sorts of things in the world that are co-ed or mostly just men where women are allowed to participate, but our voices are constantly drowned out.

I wanted to have a space that no woman should ever explain why they like gaming, like to have tech talks, share ambitions, gain new insight, and just be gaming moms. We always have to tone down ourselves just to not be called “bitter” by people who “think” we don’t know what we’re doing…….we know EXACTLY what we’re doing. Don’t even get me started in the Information Technology field……that’s a rant for another post.

I want women to come in, feel safe, let our hair down and take our proverbial “bras” off and enjoy it here!! Let’s have meet-and-greets, gamer heist nights, TED talks, all of the fun that the boys have.

If you need a further explanation or feel some type of way, this is not the site for you………..Have fun, because I did this and have every right to continue as I see fit 🙂

This post might seem confrontational, and to be honest, it is. I’m just expressing how I feel. My honest opinion. It’s all love, but let’s be honest, some people will not like what I’m trying to create, and that’s fine with me. You may not like it, but at least you will respect it.


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